How To Operate Stealth PayPal Account Without Getting Limited

How To Operate Stealth PayPal Account

How To Operate Stealth PayPal Account

How To Operate Stealth PayPal Account Without Getting Limited: If you  are looking for a way to use Stealth PayPal without getting any problem  then at first you must understand how it PayPal works.

First off, PayPal limits account with suspicious or “high-risk” activity to prevent losses.

PayPal use robots to check suspicious activities and if they trigger out any activity which break their terms/policies they will block your account.

Now, here’s the thing – they use robots to monitor your accounts.

Since there are millions of PayPal accounts and thousands of transactions happening at every second, it is very unrealistic for them to have a big room of people monitoring every little activity.

So these are mostly what happens  when a limitation occurs.

The suspicious activity was done –> Robot picks up on the suspicious activity and triggers limitation –> PayPal asks for additional information –> PayPal human employee reviews information to reinstate your account or permanently limit it.

But here’s the right thing about robots – they’re very predictable. If you can learn which activities make your account get limited/banned by robots then you can avoid them like landmines. Let’s start learning some of the types of behaviors that cause limitations.

website Owners: Before you link a new stealth PayPal to your website, READ THIS FIRST.

If you’ve had a PayPal attached to your website before, and it gets limited, PayPal then blacklists your domain name from ever using PayPal again. In this case if you try to link a new stealth account directly to your site, you’ll get banned instantly. But there is a solution of it.

Solution: If you use a third-party checkout tool that uses PayPal then you can use new stealth PayPal to your website without any fear of getting blocked again. Another thing that you can use is to host the checkout on a different domain name so that the PayPal doesn’t see it. Some people manually invoice their customers using PayPal too.

Always know your stealth basics

Never use proxy which changes IP’s after every few seconds minutes

Step 1 – Basics things need to know to use Stealth Account

The most common mistake many users make is they use proxies or VPN which changes ip randomly. or many people use other country IP or a country IP where PayPal do not provide their services.

Solution to avoid this problem:

Never use other country IP or Proxy. Always use VPS, RDP or VPN which gives you static IP. (Remember free VPN never gives you static or dedicated IP). If you don’t know best proxy then CLICK HERE to buy IP.

Remember if you use proxy or other country IP. or VPN which changes IP every moment, PayPal will block your account very fast.  IP BURGER

Do not use same browser to access two or more PayPal. You IP and Browser must always be different for every PayPal account.

2. Moving funds too fast

One of the most common ways to get an account suspended is by moving money too fast. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you received $100 in your account and then few minutes later you try to send $50 to someone else or try to buy something with it. Boom, your account gets limited.

In PayPal’s eye, when you move money too fast, they consider it a suspicious activity and so they limit your account.

So it applies to:
Receive money –> send money
Receive money –> withdraw money

What to do to avoid the above situation

When you receive money in your PayPal account, leave the money in account for  2-3 days before you try spending it, withdrawing it, or doing anything with your money.

3. Getting  in too much money from the start

Another big mistake most of the user make and PayPal suspend their account is they start getting big funds from the very first moment. If a person does not have an established history of receiving large amounts of money suddenly starts getting hundreds of dollars at one time, it looks kinda suspicious to PayPal.

What to do?

Never get so big funds from the beginning. Always make transaction  history in your account by getting small funds in the beginning. It would be better if you get even very small funds in the start. Like just get $10 to $15 maximum in a day. and then don’t get any further amount in next 2 3 days. and then after two 2-3 days get again $20-$25. Do this for at least one month then switch to amount of $40-$50. If you build a transaction history by doing so. INSHA ALLAH you will get problem by PayPal.

 how much money is too much?

in new account even $100 is a big amount.

Of course, when your stealth account gets older, you can start getting more substantial amounts of money, but if you want to be safe, that’s the general guideline you should follow.

Note: If you want to receive big funds, Simply use multiple accounts (But browser and IP must always be different, Even best if you make different user in your PC).

4. Spending/Withdrawing all your funds and  leaving no money in PayPal

Let’s  say that you have $150 in your PayPal balance. If you try to send or withdraw $150, which is total balance in your account. PayPal think your account suspicious and suspend your account.

You must always leave some money in your PayPal account, at least 10% to 20% (don’t make it exact, Change percentage every time between 10 and 20).

If you withdraw or send all your balance, PayPal think your account suspicious and suspend your account. Always try to leave some money in PayPal (at least 10%). So for example, if you’re withdrawing $150, leave like 20-30 dollars in there, don’t withdraw everything. PayPal suspend so many people by this sort of problem.

4. Error: When you try to send money and get this message: “We can’t send your money right now” when you do have money in the available balance

Reason: When you try to move money too fast on a relatively new PayPal account. PayPal has this filter that prevents you from sending out money.

If you have a relatively new account and get this message, your account is under a soft review. However, don’t worry. Because chances are, if you don’t do anything else that’s suspicious during this time. They’ll usually allow you to send the money in a couple of days.

Solution: When you get this message, don’t try to send money out over and over again. Just leave the balance for a week and come back to try to send it again. It could last up to 21 days, so try again here and there. Most of the time, you are able to send in 5-6 days.

if you use our guide “How To Use Stealth PayPal Account”. INSHA ALLAH you won’t get any problem.